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Big-data, Machine-Learning & Deep-Learning
Dynalith Systems
  • High-performance FPGA
  • High-speed host interface
  • Hardware-assisted accelleration for Big-data, Machine-Learning & Deep-Learning
  • FPGA board: DSCo-KU, DSCo-V7
FPGA-assisted logic simulation through PCI-Express, PCI or USB2.0, USB3.0
Dynalith Systems
FPGA boards for rapid prototyping
Dynalith Systems
  • Virtex-5: on request
  • Virtex-4: 10M~20M - iNTUITION
  • Spartan-3: 1M~2M - iNCITE
  • Customized board: on request
  • Completed projects: IR-UWB board, 3D graphics accelerator board, set-top box tester board, DSP development board, ARM9 development board, ARM11 development board, Windows CE supporting board and so on
Rapid-prototyping with logic simulation through PCI-Express or USB
Dynalith Systems
Logic simulation interface for custom FPGA board
Dynalith Systems
  • PCI-Express based: iCON-Express
  • USB based: iCON-USB
  • Customized board: on request
Embedded processor supporting
Dynalith Systems
Universal hardware interface through USB
Dynalith Systems
  • USB-to-GPIO: iCON
  • USB-to-JTAG: OpenJTAG
  • GDB-to-JTAG through USB: OpenJTAG

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